What is Bitcoin?
Why should I use Bitcoins?
Is it safe?
How does this work?
When is the Bitcoin price determined?
Question Answer
What is Bitcoin? The simple answer is Bitcoin is a digital currency. It runs off a ledger that can easily be checked online by anyone with the knowledge and ability to do so. It is very nearest to as anonymous as the user wants to be and can be traded in thousands of places on earth as well as on the internet.
Why should I use Bitcoins? Aside from the novelty aspect of using the very coolest currency ever devised by humans, there are many reasons to use currency and they all do not have to be about anonymity. Like cash money, but stored on a computer or phone, Bitcoin offers speed and it is the cheapest way to pay or send money to someone. Transaction costs can be as low as free and go to as high as 4\%. A little bit of homework will go a long way in saving a lot of money when making payments.
Is it safe? Bitcoin, similar to cash, is as safe as the owner wants to make it. The technology is available to make it virtually impossible to lose or have it stolen. But if the owner does not take steps to protect it, they may lose it like if you left cash on your doorstep.
How does this work? BitsFX is very simple. You deposit money into our bank account by wire. As soon as it arrives, we deliver your Bitcoins.
When is the Bitcoin price determined? When you create an order, we record the price of Bitcoin at that time so you have an idea of how much Bitcoin you should be getting. The price and amount of Bitcoin are adjusted to the price when the Bitcoin are delivered.